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Apply here to become one of Synergy’s hand picked members. We ensure that each city only has one member from a specific industry, meaning that all relevant leads are directed to one business.

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3 Month Membership

This includes your 3 month subscription, venue hire, breakfast and parking.

This is a trial period and once your 3 months is up if you would like to continue your membership will then automatically switch to a 12 month membership.

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12 Month Membership

This includes your 12 month subscription, venue hire and breakfast.

Can be paid upfront for £1436 or over a 12 month period at £122 a month.


Don't take our word for it, here's what our members say

Being part of the Synergy network has been valuable to me and I intend to remain part of this group for many years to come. I have made some excellent local contacts with the other members. I have gained services for my business I didn’t know that I needed or could benefit from, I have already completed over 600k of local business from Synergy introductions and gained amazing local support from Bristol Rovers through Hospitality events.

Sam Bilo

Crystal Business Finance SW

Throughout our time with Synergy we have formed lasting relationships and partnerships across a range of businesses. Our needs have varied throughout our membership from IT contractors, new telecommunications to new office supplies, window artwork and even more!

Annie Walters

Next Level Training

I enjoy spending time with like minded businesses that want to support each other and grow.

Phil Harvey

KN Office Supplies

I love walking into a room of friendly faces. It’s way less pressure than other groups, just feels like hanging out with friends, rather than business networking.

Gemma Box

Community of Purpose

I joined simply to promote my business, but I found a great group of like minded people and now have a team of business’ to support my business.

Jason Reed

Bushey Supplies

I love sharing ideas with people in similar positions and having a group of people that I am happy to recommend.

Adam Griffiths


Arthur said it was a good idea, and he was right. It’s nice to meet people who do different jobs and share ideas.

Jewayne Walker

Landsdown Place

Synergy has helped me grow local business and build a professional support network that I can trust. It's also good to speak to people and get advice and support from people in similar roles.

Ian Rogers

Source Electrical

It’s the first group I have been involved with where it’s less about needless stats that don’t mean anything to me and all about building long lasting relationships. We are all here to gain more business for our respective companies but Synergy is deeper than that and gives back to me so much more.

Mark Burland

First Class Comms


Our Bristol meetings are held at Gloucestershire Cricket Ground between 7am – 9am every Thursday.



Fill out the form below, let us know about your business and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your application.